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What SLPs are saying...

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"Joybound Fluency Elementary® is an incredibly effective treatment approach for elementary age children who stutter.The curriculum grows along with school age children K-5 and increases in complexity and independence as the child ages. 

I thought this was an incredibly well-designed treatment approach in the fact that the curriculum advances while

the child's cognitive awareness of their stutter develops."

“I think your curriculum has made some of my kiddos into future SLPs!"
"Grad school didn’t really teach me how to scaffold stuttering therapy so having it laid out by year is helpful. Your explanations for how to assess where a student is, particularly if they’re a transfer student OR have been in speech for a while has been very helpful."

"This is something I desperately need as a school-based SLP, servicing students K-12.

All of my students, regardless of their age, would benefit from this curriculum.

"Before your curriculum, I’d just been doing a lot of stuttering knowledge-type goals. Now I feel more confident in assessing kids’ stuttering knowledge as well as emotions/rate/tension/etc. and designing goals more specifically for where they’re at."
"Your lessons have enabled me to feel more confident with my fluency kids. The lessons are easy to glance-at-quickly before a therapy session and quickly gather materials that most of us already have in our therapy room.
The easy-to-understand techniques and examples have made my kids excited to try new things and get vulnerable with one another."

Joybound Fluency™

A comprehensive stuttering curriculum for grades K-5

Research-based interventions

Evidence-based teaching principles



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